Lydia Nockels

Translator and Editor

Born and raised in northern England, Lydia moved to Matane, Quebec in 2012.

Her love for languages started at an early age and led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish at the University of Northumbria. More recently, she started a Master’s degree in Translation Studies, which she will finish in 2019.

Translating since 2014, Lydia has translated millions of words and worked on a wide range of projects for numerous companies and individuals in Quebec.

My portfolio
Les Traductions Chic-Chocs - Traductrice depuis 2014, Lydia Nockels a traduit des millions de mots et a mené une grande variété de mandats à terme pour plusieurs clients.

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Why work with me?

Choose a native translator

I am passionate about my region and the development of Quebec, and want to help you reach even more customers. By choosing Chic-Choc Translations, you are guaranteed excellence. You’ll enjoy working with me, I will guide you through every aspect of my working process, from the first quote right through to delivery.

Translators are perfectionists, I work closely with you to ensure that each detail is perfect and exactly how you want it. Your final translation will be a perfectly polished finish product, and most importantly, will not read like a translation, but rather as a stand-alone piece written by an expert native speaker.

Why is it so important to work with a native speaker?

There are countless people out there offering translation services, so how do you choose the right person for you? One of the most important factors is making sure you select a native speaker. You wouldn’t hire a Francophone to write an English text, so why would you hire one to translate into English? Native speakers have grown up immersed in their native language, they are 100% fluent. By choosing to hire a native speaker, you are ensuring that the product you obtain will be well written, without any syntax or vocabulary errors, and most importantly, it will not seem like a translation.

This is why I only translate into English.

Chic-Choc Translations - Translation company offering various language services in English, French and Spanish

Chic-Choc Translations - Translation company offering various language services in English, French and Spanish

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