photographes voyageurs

Category Transcription
Audiovisual translation
Language English, Spanish
French to English
Wordcount 30,000 words (10 x 25 minutes / 5 x 50 minutes)
Date 2018

In July, I was contracted by Groupe PVP to translate one episode of the series Travelling Photographers (Photographes-voyageurs) into English. The episode featured footage of the photograph Marc Dozier visiting tribal communities in Papa New Guinea where he was invited to participate in a ceremony in memorial of a community leader, and another ceremony initiating young boys into adulthood.

The English adaptation of the episode translated back in July 2018 was so well received by the distributor that Groupe PVP sold the English version of the entire series. I was therefore hired to translate the 8 remaining episodes.

Travelling Photographers is a Lato Sensu Productions and Groupe PVP co-production. For more information about the series, visit the Groupe PVP webpage here or the Lato Sensu Productions webpage here.