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February 2019 – present


Chic-Choc Translations has been working with La Denturo de Matane since early 2019. In February 2019 we translated the company’s website from French into English. This translation involved many technical terms in the dentistry field and was completed in close collaboration with the owner of the company to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. You can visit the website here.  

In early 2020, Chic-Choc Translations collaborated with Cube Noir Innovation to create a series of 10 informational capsules for La Denturo de Matane, explaining the history of denturism and how dentures are made. Chic-Choc Translations handled the translation into English of these capsules. You can view all of the capsules on La Denturo de Matane’s YouTube channel here and the capsule “A Short History of Denturism” below.