Looking to tap into a new market or expand your reach? Trust our professionals to translate your texts.

Chic-Choc Translations offers translation in three languages; from French to English and English to French, from Spanish to English and English to Spanish, and from French to Spanish and Spanish to French.

Are your customers located here, in the United States, in Europe or elsewhere in the world? Our translation services take into account your target customers and the subtleties of the language they speak, wherever they come from! You guessed it, your texts will always be translated by a native speaker of the target language.

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Our proofreading service guarantees flawless texts! If you like writing but hate proofreading and editing, whether you simply just don’t have the time or because it’s not your cup of tea, get in touch with us and have one of our editors handle the task.

We edit small and long texts. Whether you need help with the texts on your website, your social media accounts or your next novel, we’ve got your back!

Morphology, syntax, grammar and spelling: our team of editors can help fine-tune your English, French and Spanish texts.

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“Our collaboration with Lydia is of the highest quality. Her translation process is simple and fast. She takes the time to understand the business domain in order to use the right terms and register for the target audience. It’s like having a dedicated translator within our company—a personalized, 5-star service!”

– Martin Proulx, Founder of Alliance Audacium


Ever feel like you’re wasting precious time when you sit down to write? Our team of experts will impress you with its creativity, capacity to find the right tone for your customers and ability to quickly produce exemplary content, regardless of the platform or format!

If you’ve got a project in mind, web or printed, take a chance on our team: you’ll be surprised what we can do!

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It’s no secret, transcribing is a time-consuming and boring task for many people—including some of our customers! Yet, creating an official record of oral communications in a textual format that you can refer to time after time is such an important task.

Whether you need an interview, a video, a phone call, a conference or a film transcribing, let our team of transcribers lighten the load for you.

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“My company, Bombes Créatives, has collaborated with Chic-Choc Translations since 2015. We primarily deal with Lydia, who manages the English translation services, and it’s always an incredibly simple and efficient service! Proactive, Lydia doesn’t think twice about asking questions and carrying out in-depth research when she’s translating! She might work quickly, but Lydia is far from a robot. She is completely dedicated to her work and gives 100% to every project. She will help you save time, money, and, of course, ensure that your texts are as professional as possible!”

– Sabrina Dion, CEO of Bombes Créatives


Do you need to create subtitles for a commercial video, film or documentary? Our team of subtitlers is here to help.

Are you a producer or videographer? Don’t leave your clients to find their own subtitling provider, offer them a one-stop solution and include this service in all your productions!

Does your target audience include people who are deaf or hard of hearing? Our closed captioning services ensure that your productions are accessible for all. What’s more, our closed captions always meet CRTC standards.

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