Lydia Nockels

Owner, translator and editor

Born in northern England, Lydia didn’t move to Quebec until 2012! The language, the wide, open spaces and its gastronomic specialty, poutine, soon had her under its spell, and she even decided to plant her roots in a beautiful area: La Matanie!

However, her love of languages began at a young age and, over time, led her to complete a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish at the University of Northumbria, in Newcastle. She now (finally!) proudly holds a master’s degree in Translation Studies, which is nothing to be sneezed at!

Lydia is proud to have translated, edited and written millions of words since 2012, for both individuals and major companies. Her attention to detail and the quality of her services have enabled Lydia to make a name for herself both in Canada and overseas!

For Lydia, the beauty of the internet is being able to meet new clients, who just like her, are globally focused!

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Les Traductions Chic-Chocs - Traductrice depuis 2014, Lydia Nockels a traduit des millions de mots et a mené une grande variété de mandats à terme pour plusieurs clients.

“We speak your customers’ language, wherever they come from!” 

- Lydia Nockels

Why choose Chic-Choc Translations?

Chic-Choc Translations is first and foremost a sign of quality. Two elements enable us to guarantee a high-quality and professional service:


Everyone knows that translators are perfectionists. But if you think we’ve only got a way with words, you’re mistaken! At Chic-Choc Translations, we’re not afraid of numbers and we’re also aware that language services might not be your specialty, which is why we guide you from A to Z with our action plan. Our expertise will shine through from the moment we evaluate your project, as we can quickly provide you with a price and timeframe. Then, depending on the nature of your project, we’ll suggest our best resources for your needs. We will then send you a schedule explaining each stage of the project in detail. Our action plan ensures that you always know which part of your project we are working on.


There are countless people out there offering translation services and other language services, so how do you choose the right person for you? We’ve thought about this question a lot, and that’s why Chic-Choc Translations has already selected the best language resources for you! Native speakers are 100% fluent in their language. Here at Chic-Choc Translations, we guarantee that your projects will always be handled by native speakers, ensuring the highest levels of quality. Let us handle your next language project, and you’ll walk away satisfied with an impeccably composed text!

Chic-Choc Translations - Translation company offering various language services in English, French and Spanish

Chic-Choc Translations - Translation company offering various language services in English, French and Spanish

232, rue Saint-Viateur, Matane, QC